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Three-Day master class in Protocol

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A practical protocol training course in Brussels: all the basics in only three days

Want to know how to manage a visit of a high-level delegation or a national day? How to handle formal written communication? How to navigate a formal dinner? How to be aware of the sensitivities when placing guests? What is the right order of precedence and which guests rank most highly?

After completing this three-day masterclass, you will be equipped to meet the challenges and complexities of modern protocol management. We will teach you all the basics of international protocol and etiquette, and the management of high-level events. You will be inspired, gain insight and indispensible knowledge and skills. You will become proficient in preparing meetings with dignitaries and become an advisor for colleagues.

Protocolbureau is Europe’s leading protocol expert, founded among others by the former Master of Ceremonies of H.M. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Gilbert Monod de Froideville.

“This protocol training covers all the basics of protocol. I learned a lot about the management of official events, formal seating plans, official written communication, personal presentation, and etiquette.” – Carlissa Remmerwaal, House of Parliament (Netherlands)|”This protocol training is very informative, perfectly organised and offers the opportunity to meet other professionals.” – Sandra Limon, Ministry of Defense (Suriname)|”This is the number one institute for protocol education. The training programme is aimed at those who in their work have to deal with the management of official events and meetings with dignitaries.” – Charlotte Seibert-Kamers, International Court of Justice|”With the worldwide expertise of our teachers we are able to offer a truly unique practical protocol training that covers all the basics in only three days.” – Jean Paul Wyers, director of the Protocolbureau

Order now the new book of Gilbert Monod de Froideville and Mark Verheul

This training includes the book ‘An Expert’s Guide to International Protocol’

You will be trained by the most renowned Portuguese expert on corporate image and protocol Isabel Amaral, former Head of Protocol of the European Parliament François Brunagel and the director and founder of Protocolbureau Jean Paul WijersUK’s leading etiquette coach William Hanson and

former BBC newsreader Diana Mather of The English Manner will teach good manners, personal presentation and modern etiquette. The Head of Protocol of the International Criminal Court, Bengt-Arne Hulleman, will give a guest lecture. The Three-day Masterclass in Protocol includes the book ‘An Expert’s Guide to International Protocol’, all class material, three lunches and an etiquette dinner.

Who should participate?

  • Embassy staff
  • Staff of international or multilateral organisations
  • PR and international relations specialists
  • Communication experts
  • Personal assistants
  • Interpreters
  • Liaison officers
  • Event planners and professional conference organisors
  • VIP managers

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