Anne-Maartje Oud studied dramatic expression by means of word and gestures at the School of Arts. She graduated as a teacher/director and her thesis centred on the role of a theatre-maker as a professional trainer. After her studies, Anne-Maartje briefly worked as an actor giving workshops on presentation techniques and non-verbal communication.

During her 5-year employment at a reputable training agency, she specialised as a personal behavioural consultant in effective communication. She took courses in ‘rational emotive (behavioural) therapy’ and ‘leadership & group dynamics (group relations)’. In 2006, she set up her own consultancy and training agency ‘The Behaviour Company’.

Anne-Maartje specialises in non-verbal communication, influencing others, communication skills and leadership. She teaches managers and executives in effective communication, profiling and influencing others. In addition, Anne-Maartje Oud lectures at several universities in the Netherlands. Clients characterise Anne-Maartje as involved, enthusiastic, sincere and confrontational.

Protocolbureau; dé protocolexpert van Nederland