Diana Mather: teaching on 21, 22 & 23 June at our Three-day Masterclass in Modern Protocol

This is the lovely Diana Mather of @theenglishmanner at a beautiful white horse as part of the publicity promoting equine activities in China last year. There is growing interest in riding, racing and polo. Diana (without the horse) will be at our #protocol #training in #Brussels on 21, 22 and 23 June. Diana is one of the five top #protocol experts of […]

21, 22 & 23 juni in Brussel: Three-day Masterclass in Modern Protocol

Het Protocolbureau verzorgt ook #trainingen over #protocol in #Brussel: op 21, 22 en 23 juni vindt de Three-day #Masterclass in #ModernProtocol plaats. Een moderne toepassing van protocol is de basis hiervan; wij doceren niet alleen de regels maar ook de methodiek van het protocol. Deze universele methodiek is toepasbaar op de #organisatie van elk type bijeenkomst met belangrijke #relaties, #formeel of #informeel. Meer informatie: protocolbureau.com/masterclass. This information in English: protocolbureau.com/masterclass. Choose another article […]

21, 22 & 23 June in Brussels: Three-day Masterclass in Modern Protocol

Want to know how to manage a visit of a high-level delegation or a national day? What is the right order of precedence and which guests rank most highly? What is a modern application of protocol? How to be aware of the sensitivities when seating dignitaries, corporate representatives and other guests? How to navigate a formal […]