People form an opinion about you within a few seconds. This is largely based on the non-verbal signals you emit. Your clothing always conveys a particular image. The correct attire sets the right tone and provides the basis for an effective relationship with your customer. The clothing and colours you wear should augment your personality and underline the credibility of your message.

Carina van der Kloet advises her clients on how they can effectively present themselves in such a way as to put across their substantive message convincingly and also emphasise their personal qualities in their clothing. She helps her clients to project a stronger, more authentic and self-confident visual image while retaining their own identity and cultural background.

Carina van der Kloet provides individual and corporate training in the field of identity, image and communication. Her training course ‘Dressed with Success’, gives you a clear understanding of how your clothes can serve as a form of non-verbal communication, thereby ensuring that on every occasion you are dressed in a way that suits you personally and helps you to convey the desired message and project the right image. During an individual training course you receive personal guidance. When developing a clearly recognisable clothing style that suits you, we take into account the nature of the occasion along with your personal qualities and cultural background and translate these into specific outfits. You can also receive advice on a one-off basis.

Carina van der Kloet (1968) is the daughter of a UN diplomat and grew up in various Francophone countries in Africa and later in the United States. She studied fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York from 1991 to 1996 and attended various courses on colour, clothing and communication. She gives training courses to international and internationally-oriented companies and provides personal advice to individuals within an international context in the Netherlands.

Carina van der Kloet