Protocol training in Brussels on 20, 21 and 22 June 2018

“If you work in protocol I highly/definitely recommend taking the next course, it was an invigorating/invaluable experience. Thank you Protocolbureau!” – Francesco Antonio Campagna, Director of Protocol Relevent Sports (USA).

On 20, 21 and 22 June the Protocolbureau organises the ‘Three-day Masterclass in Modern Protocol’, a basic protocol training given by the best European protocol expert: How to use the universal method of modern protocol to manage any type of high-level event, formal or informal? How to manage a visit of a high-level delegation or an event with VIP’s? How to invite and welcome dignitaries? How to be aware of the sensitivities when seating dignitaries, corporate representatives and other guests? How to navigate a formal dinner or a networking event? How to handle formal written communication, gift-giving or flag protocol?

More information about the training in Brussels:

Protocolbureau: management of high-level events & protocol training programmes Protocolbureau: management of high-level events & protocol training programmes

Advanced protocoltraining

These are the eleven protocol officers who followed our ‘advanced protocoltraining’ last week at the @hotelschoolthehague campus in Amsterdam. The ‘advanced protocoltraining’ is a sequel to our basic protocol training and consists of several real-life business cases. Participants are asked to make seating arrangements, advice on protocol matters and apply the rules of protocol.

Want to know more about protocol? Follow our ‘Three-day Masterclass in Modern Protocol’ in Brussels: