Preseance in Canada
Table of Precedence for Canada (As revised on July 15, 2002)

The Governor General of Canada or the Administrator of the Government of Canada [1] [2] [2.1]
The Prime Minister of Canada[3]
The Chief Justice of Canada[4]
The Speaker of the Senate
The Speaker of the House of Commons
Ambassadors, High Commissioners, Ministers Plenipotentiary[5]
Members of the Canadian Ministry:
– Members of the Cabinet; and
– Ministers of State;
– with relative precedence within sub-categories (a) and (b) governed by the date of their appointment to the Queen’s Privy – Council for Canada
The Leader of the Opposition[3]
The Lieutenant Governor of Ontario
The Lieutenant Governor of Quebec
The Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia
The Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick
The Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba
The Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia
The Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island
The Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan
The Lieutenant Governor of Alberta
The Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland and Labrador[6]
Members of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada, not of the Canadian Ministry, in accordance with the date of their appointment to the Privy Council but with precedence given to those who bear the honorary title “Right Honourable” in accordance with the date of receiving the honorary title
Premiers of the Provinces of Canada in the same order as Lieutenant Governors[6]
The Commissioner of the Northwest Territories
The Commissioner of the Yukon Territory
The Commissioner of Nunavut
The Government Leader of the Northwest Territories
The Government Leader of the Yukon Territory
The Government Leader of Nunavut
Representatives of faith communities[7]
Puisne Judges of the Supreme Court of Canada
The Chief Justice and the Associate Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Canada

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  1. Protocolbureau
    Protocolbureau zegt:

    Zijne Majesteit de Koning
    Hare Majesteit de Koningin
    Hare Majesteit Koningin Fabiola
    Zijne Koninklijke Hoogheid de Hertog van Brabant
    Hare koninklijke hoogheid de Hertogin van Brabant
    Hunne Koninklijke Hoogheden de Prinsen van Koninklijken Bloede.
    Hunne Eminenties de (Belgische) Kardinalen; de zgn. Prinsen van de Kerk
    Zijne Eminentie de Pontificale Nuntius; de Deken van Corps Diplomatique
    de Voorzitter van het Europees Parlement
    de Voorzitters van de Kamer en de Senaat
    de Voorzitter en Leden van de Ministerraad van de Europese Unie
    de Eerste Minister
    de Vicepremier
    de Voorzitter en Leden van de Europese Unie
    de Minister van Buitenlandse Zaken
    de voorzitter van de Europese commissie
    de Secretaris-generaal van de NAVO
    de buitenlandse Ministers met Portefeuille
    de Belgische Ministers met Portefeuille
    de Buitenlandse Ambassadeurs
    de voorzitter van het Internationaal Gerechtshof in Den Haag
    de voorzitter van het Hof van Justitie van de Europese Gemeenschappen
    de eerste voorzitter en de Procureur-generaal van het Hof van Cassatie
    de voorzitter van het Grondwettelijk Hof
    de voorzitter van de Parlementen van de Gemeenschappen en gewesten
    de Minister-Presidenten van de Gemeenschappen en gewesten
    de Grootmaarschalk van het Hof
    de regeringsleden van de Gemeenschappen en gewesten
    de Federale staatssecretarissen en regeringscommissarissen
    de staatssecretarissen van het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest
    de Ministers van Staat
    de Hofdames van Hunne Majesteiten Koningin Paola en Koningin Fabiola
    de Rechters van het Internationaal Gerechtshof in Den Haag


    de Voorzitter van de Hoge Raad voor de Justitie
    de Hoofden van de Prinselijke en Hertogelijke Families van de Salon Bleu
    de Eregrootmaarschalken van Hof
    de Kabinetchef van Zijne Majesteit de Koning
    het Hoofd van het Militair Huis van Zijne Majesteit de Koning

  2. Protocolbureau
    Protocolbureau zegt:


    The following is the official protocol policy of The International Association of Lions Clubs. Only the principal speaker is required to acknowledge all dignitaries present.

    Order of Precedence

    Lions shall be recognized in the following order:

    International president
    Immediate past international president
    International vice presidents (according to rank).
    International directors (a)
    Appointees to commiftees on the LCI board.(a)
    Past international presidents (b)
    Past international directors (c)
    Chair, council of governors (a)
    District governors (a)
    Association executive administrator
    Association secretary
    Association treasurer
    Past council chairs (c)
    Elected vice district governors (a)
    Immediate past district governor (a)
    Past district governors (c)
    Multiple district secretaries (volunteer) (a)
    Multiple district treasurers (volunteer) (a)
    District secretaries (a)
    District treasurers (a)
    Region chairs (a)
    Zone chairs (a)
    District chairs (a)
    Club presidents (a)
    Immediate past club presidents (a)
    Club secretaries (a)
    Club treasurers (a)
    Past club presidents (a)
    Multiple district secretaries (staff) (a)
    Multiple district treasurers (staff) (a)
    Explanation of notes used above

    (a) When more than one is present, they shall be recog-nized according to the Roman alphabetic order of the first letter of their fully used family name. If the first letter is the same, go to the second letter, and so on. If the last names are identical, the same process should be followed with the first given name. In the unlikely event that the two names are identical, the one with the longest association membership shall be given precedence.

    (b) When more than one is present, the one who served most recently is given precedence, and so on.

    (c) When more than one is present, precedence should be the same as for past international presidents (see (b) above). In the event more than one past international director who served during the same term is present, then criteria specified for (a) should be used.

    General Comments – When a Lion holds more than one title, he or she shall be recognized for the highest one. In areas that have positions in addition to those listed above, they should be recognized in accordance with local customs, provided that elected officers always have precedence over appointed ones. It is recommended that Melvin Jones Fellows be recognized as a group. In introducing speakers, their status as Melvin Jones Fellows should be mentioned.

    Non-Lion Dignitaries

    Non-Lion dignitaries should be given precedence in accordance with local protocol and/or custom, keeping in mind that if the non-Lion is the principal speaker, then he or she should be seated directly to the right of the chairman (see below)

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