Nobody likes a caveman
Published Date: September 24, 2010
By Nisreen Zahreddine, Staff Writer

Al-Rujaib defined etiquette as the internationally agreed conventional requirements governing social behavior. Personal etiquette, he explained, is a personal standard; even within one home or other group environment, after all, we often find one member of the family or other group will display distinctive behavior different to that of the rest of the family or group members. Professor Al-Rujaib explained that the most important factor in personal etiquette is that it is determined by us.

Etiquette, meanwhile, depends on each individual’s personal skills, Professor Al-Rujaib continued, and while most people think that they know about it all, there are actually seventy types of etiquette, with the most important kinds of it are the personal, social, and diplomatic etiquette. Meeting one’s social obligations is considered to be etiquette for instance.

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