The Protocolbureau granted Sanne van Koot, Fay Verbrugh, Thomas Kuiper, Stefan Wabeke and Rik van der Woerdt the honorary title “Senior Partner extraordinary”.
Pim de Lange was promoted to “Junior Partner”. And Thomas Spruijt completed the protocol exam successfully.

The Protocolbureau was established by students of the The Hague Hotel Management School in 1995. Their motive was the need to gain experience in hospitality up to the highest level. They did so by organizing lectures and working as hosts at (business) meetings. The first lecture was delivered by the former Master of Ceremonies of Her Majesty the Queen, and the first assignment was to present the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Awards.

A host becomes a Junior Partner after having completed our full training programme and the protocol exam. The Junior Partner becomes a Senior Partner after gaining sufficient operational experience.

The Protocolbureau prides it-selves in the attention that is payed to the selection, training, and teambuilding of our co-hosts (Junior Partners) and Masters of Ceremonies (Senior Partners). The protocol and hospitality services the Protocolbureau provide are highly customised to the needs of the clients. This level of customisation requires great creativity, energy, and intellectual capability on the part of the co-hosts as they must perform a myriad of tasks at any particular event ranging from the general organisation and co-ordination of the event to the detailed greeting and escorting of (international) guests and dignitaries. At all the events, it is the professionalism and composure of the Junior Partners and Senior Partners that enhances the atmosphere and ensures that events are successes beyond expectations.

Fay Verbrugh is on the last photo, Thomas Spruijt is on the picture to the left of Fay.
The first photo features Stefan Wabeke and Rik van der Woerdt, the second is Thomas Kuiper.
The photo in the middle is Pim de Lange.

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