Source: Etiquette From The Trenches
by Amy E. Stevens, Owner of Etiquette Southwest Missouri

A Very Solemn Vow

Cell phone etiquette demands that we don’t talk, text, tweet, or Google while in church, at someone’s house, at a party, on an airplane, at dinner, in a restaurant, in a doctor’s office, in line at the store, at work, in our cars, in a theater, in a waiting room, in an elevator, at school, or while walking on a crowded sidewalk.

These cellular devices of rudeness violate so many rules of etiquette, it seems the only way to use our phones politely is to put them in a drawer and walk away. (Set the ringer to silent first, of course.)

However, etiquette is only helpful to us if it’s realistic. And, frankly, asking a nation (a world?) to stop using their phones in public; to go back to calendars, maps, answering machines, little black books, address books, cameras, and “Help. Please call 911” sunscreens; seems to me slightly unrealistic. The phones are here to stay. (Thank God because I really like my phone.)

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