Soldiers train in hotel operations, hospitality

If ever there was a place to learn about hotel operations and hospitality, the Army has found it at The Roosevelt New Orleans, a Waldorf Astoria hotel.
The 116th Cavalry Brigade Combat Team has been slated to take over operations for the 256th Infantry Brigade of the Joint Visitor’s Bureau at Victory Base Complex, Baghdad, Iraq, which serves as the place to stay for general officers, celebrities and other distinguished visitors while visiting troops.
In preparation for this operation, soldiers from 116th Brigade Special Troops Battalion – based out of Twin Falls, Idaho – have spent numerous hours learning the skills needed to be successful. The specialized training the hotel detachment team members received depended on their particular job function.
The training included a five-day protocol course, a four-month culinary course and a half-day hospitality orientation. It concluded with a five-day shift working at the historic Roosevelt New Orleans.
After completing pre-mobilization training, the brigade deployed to Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center to start its post mobilization training under the 188th Infantry Brigade, lead training brigade for the mobilization. The hotel detachment, while having to complete the usual mobilization training, also completed the train-up for the hotel mission during their time at Camp Shelby.
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