By Jay Remer, the Etiquette Guy

With the festive season well and truly full in swing, making small talk is part and parcel of going to holiday parties.
The mingling, the chatting, and the small talk are unavoidable – dreaded by so many (and we can relate!), but truly an art.
Whether you find yourself at a business mixer or a large family dinner, there will be times when you find yourself face to face with a stranger, be it a new business acquaintance or a distant cousin.
The silence, which can linger can make both people feel uncomfortable and starting a short conversation is one of the easiest ways to break the ice. It is as simple as beginning with, “hello my name is” and moving on to “isn’t this a lovely gathering; I’m glad to be here tonight with such interesting company.”
When meeting someone for the first time in any situation, be prepared to shake hands, standing up straight and with confidence. Smile and repeat the person’s name a couple of times in the next few sentences to help you remember it.
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