A few years ago, on a return flight from Frankfurt to Chennai (almost fully loaded with Indians and people of Indian-origin), I observed a strange thing happening. As the huge aircraft was about to touch down, many passengers got up from their seats and tried to open the overhead luggage cabins and take their belongings out, even as the crew kept announcing over the PA system that all passengers were requested remain seated with their seatbelts fastened until the aircraft came to a complete halt. By the time the plane landed and started taxiing, almost all passengers queued up as if it was an emergency evacuation plan and they were all ready to jump off the plane.

To my utter dismay, my next seat passenger opened the luggage cabin while the aircraft was still in motion and dropped his suitcase right on my head (thank god, it was soft luggage) and, adding fuel to the fire, he did not even apologise but rather gave me just a sheepish smile which infuriated me even more.

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