Posted Saturday, January 22 2011 at 19:07

Too many people fail to use mikes properly resulting in their excellent speeches barely being heard
A sharp, high-pitched shriek blasting out from loudspeakers is a common irritant in many public meetings. Perhaps you have even experienced it at your church meeting today.

Too many people fail to properly use microphones and the result? Their excellent speeches are barely heard.
Under the pressure of presenting before an audience, a speaker can lose natural vocal expression.
For comfort and confidence, rehearse ahead of the presentation. As you practice, experiment with volume, pitch, and rhythm to achieve optimal expression and emphasis.
If you don’t rehearse with the microphone, it will be difficult to use it effectively in front of a live audience. Rehearsing will allow you to get used to the sound of your voice and find out if there is any feedback coming through the speakers.

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