The Sydney Morning Herald: Forget etiquette, now it’s Itaquette
John Elder
February 6, 2011

“Don’t put your bottom in their faces” … Ita Buttrose’s A Guide to Australian Etiquette. Photo: Sally Pryor
THERE are two things you learn from a book of etiquette. First, the extent to which you, the reader, are lacking courtesy, otherwise behaving poorly in public and devoid of plain sense. The second is how to thoroughly freak out the author if you were ever to meet.
In Ita Buttrose’s case, bare feet just might send her over the edge. In her new book A Guide to Australian Etiquette, Buttrose, twice voted Australia’s most admired woman, has identified moral chaos in supermarket aisles, elevators and on walkways.
But there’s something in the way the TV host and former magazine publisher writes about bare feet that suggests a personal abhorrence – and hints at a preference for wearing socks in bed.

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