Virtual Meeting Etiquette

Posted by Diana Huggins on Mar 28, 2011 | View Comments

Virtual Meetings definitely have their challenges. For example, it’s very difficult to get all attendees to actively participate in a virtual meeting. It’s also difficult to read people when you can’t see their facial expressions and body language.
Virtual Meetings will never be easy. However, by following a few simple rules of etiquette, you can get the most out your virtual meetings.

Limit the number of attendees. The more attendees, the more difficult it is to run the meeting. Consider a maximum of 10 attendees for a virtual meeting.
Create an agenda for the virtual meeting and make sure all attendees receive an electronic copy well in advance
Avoid lengthy virtual meetings. By keeping the meeting short and focused with the agenda, you will help avoid the tendency of virtual meeting attendees to multi-task.
Ask attendees to join the meeting on time. When attendees join in late, it becomes a disruption for the attendees already in the meeting.

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