Photo’s: the ushers of the Protocolbureau at a relationship event last week

Last week, the Protocolbureau organised a relationship meeting for a Dutch enterprise at the head office of Mercedes-Benz Netherlands. This unique location has a reception area, show room, museum and auditorium suitable for up to hundreds of guests.

Five ushers welcomed the guests at the entrance of the head office and escorted them to the host of the event. Many guests were then introduced by the ushers to one of the account managers. Furthermore, account managers were seated next to guests during the symposium and the dinner. During the evening, there was also enough possibility for the guests to meet each other.
At the end, the guests were escorted outside by the ushers who also asked the them about their opinion on the evening.

The involvement of the Protocolbureau had six spearheads:
Organising the relationship meeting: how to see to it that the proper meetings took place?
Composing a guest list: how to make a list with common grounds that also supported the objectives of the meeting?
The invitation route: aiming for the desired attendance.
Briefing/training: how to support the hosts or hostesses?
Orchestrating meetings: how to make sure people will really meet each other?
Measurability: what are the results?
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