The 2-day protocol course of the Institute of Protocol The Hague started today. Part of this course is an etiquette dinner given by etiquette expert Jan Jaap van Weering.
The course stared with a training in protocol by Gilbert Monod de Froideville, former Master of Ceremonies of H.M. the Queen. Stage director Rebecca van Leeuwen trained the participants in posture, voice control, facial expression and non-verbal communication.
Day 2 will be about the ceremonials aspects of protocol and relationship management.
This course is given in Dutch.

Other dates of this course given by Gilbert Monod de Froideville, Rebecca van Leeuwen, Jan Jaap van Weering & Jean Paul Wyers are:
– Thursday 8 & Friday 9 December 2011
– Thursday 8 & Friday 9 March 2012
– Thursday 7 & Friday 8 June 2012
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