Photo’s: the ushers of the Protocolbureau at the conference and the fair, responsible for welcoming and seating the guests and to escort the international delegations visiting the Netherlands.

The National Delta Conference on the Delta Plan
The aim of the new-style Delta Plan (the Delta Works of the future) is to protect the Netherlands form high water and secure its freshwater supply, for today and the future. Many aspects play a role in this, ranging from the living environment and the economy to nature, agriculture and recreation. The Netherlands is a low-lying, prosperous and densely populated delta that is vulnerable to flooding. If something happens, the suffering and damage – in economic as well as human terms – are unthinkable.
The new-style Delta Plan will be implemented under the direction of the Delta Commissioner, a government commissioner whose position is anchored in the Delta Act. The Delta Bill was submitted to the Lower House on 1 February 2010.

The International Horti Fair is the biggest international trade fair for technology, innovation and inspiration in horticulture. Horti Fair Fresh is the trade fair for the Fruit, Flower and Vegetable sector.

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