On Friday 24 February 2012, the ushers of the Protocolbureau were in ‘Theater aan het Spui’ for a performance of the Sao Paulo Companhia de Danca, an evening of modern dance. This performance was part of the 4 week programming of the renowned Holland Dance Festival. For the ushers, this marked the beginning of a new season of VIPS, the training programme of the Protocolbureau.

The evening started with an introduction to modern dance by the director of the festival, Samuel Wuersten. The performance consisted of three pieces by the Brazilian and Spanish choreographers Oliveira, Rodovalho and Duato. After the spectacular evening, the ushers had a meeting with the dancers of the Sao Paulo Companhia de Danca.

Holland Dance
Holland Dance Festival was held in The Hague from 26 January thru 26 February 2012. Modern dance from all over the world was programmed in the three theatres in The Hague. In addition to a podium for presentation, Holland Dance is also producer, coproducer and instigator of dance projects. The promotion of dance, with special attention for amateurs and education is a guiding principal in all of Holland Dance’s activities.

Ten years ago VIPS started as a master project of Wytze van der Gaast, at that time a student at the hotelschool The Hague. VIPS is the abbreviation for ‘vaardigheden, interactie, protocol & stijl’, translated as ‘skills, interaction, protocol and style’.

For students, the VIPS programme of the Protocolbureau is a unique practical and theoretical experience in relationship management and protocol.
The trainings are given by the former Master of Ceremonies of H.M. the Queen Gilbert Monod de Froideville, stage manager Rebecca van Leeuwen and the director of the Protocolbureau Jean Paul Wyers.
For the appraisals, the assignors and directors of the Protocolbureau will be asked to assess the ushers on their working experience. The ushers are also involved in the recruitment and selection process of new ushers. And during the appraisals the ushers will have to show their theoretical knowledge by creating a case (written exam).

For the students there are 3 levels to be obtained, depending on the level of theoretical knowledge and working experience. New students start as ‘host’. After gaining more experience the hosts are awarded the title of ‘usher’. And only the very best grow further and obtain the honorable title of ‘Senior Partner’. The Protocolbureau currently has 17 hosts, 10 ushers and 4 Senior Partners.

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