Turkish President Abdullah Gul officially opened the Turkish pavilion at the Floriade today. A visit to the Floriade was part of the three day state visit to the Netherlands, a highlight of celebrations to mark 400 years of diplomatic relations between Turkey and the Netherlands.

The photo’s in this article are of the ushers of the Protocolbureau and were taken at the Netherlands pavilion, where the visit of the President to the Floriade started. The pavilion takes visitors on an inspiring journey of discovery through new developments and innovations. Inside the pavilion there is, amongst other things, a five-meter-high structure on display. It is made up of an 8-layer cultivation system in which each layer is fitted with GreenPower LEDs from Philips, under which fresh basil is being grown. Apart from the LED lighting, the structure is in complete darkness, so the plants are grown without any daylight whatsoever.

The horticultural expo Floriade, staged once every 10 years, showcases the world’s best flowers, plants, trees, fruits and vegetables. The Floriade Park covers 66 hectares and encompasses 5 unique themed worlds separated by wooded areas. Each world has its own decor, programme and activities. In total there are gardens and pavilions (buildings) with approx. 100 exhibitors. The Floriade also has five restaurants and lots of food stalls. The Villa Flora is the biggest indoor flower exhibition in Europe. The Floriade runs from April through October and is expected to attract 2 million visitors.

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