In this photo the ushers lay the seating cards on the table for a dinner in The Hague. The seating is based upon an arrangement that was made by our seating program. This computer program was initially developed at the occasion of the Royal Wedding in 2002. It now has transformed into a program that can be used for every occasion, formal or not.
Our clients use the program for business dinners, fashion shows, official ceremonies and even large sport tournaments. In the private sector it is often used it to seat account manager and guest next to each other.

The program can make seating arrangements for tables as well as in theatre style.
The program makes it easier to make a quick initial seating. It is also much easier to add last minute changes. The last version of the program features the possibility to seat in various settings: seating some guests by rank and some not. Or seating some guests with partner and some not. Seating some guests on a predetermined seat and some not.
The program also saves a lot of time printing the various documents: lists, plans, table cards, invitation cards, etc.
For more information contact the Protocolbureau at or +31-70-384 1199.

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