This week the new minor ‘Strategic Networking & Protocol’ started at The Hague University (de Haagse Hogeschool). Over 45 students chose to follow a ten week program of 23 classes given by 12 teachers.

the atrium of the university

De minor translates classic protocol, as used by the European monarchies for centuries to arrange meeting with Royals and other dignitaries, into modern relationship management. In the current economic climate costly events are no longer being held, but organizations still want to make the most of their network. A good relationship with clients, investors and other stakeholders remains important. Modern protocol responds to this need, which explains the popularity of the minor. 

The minor is a cooperation of The Academy for Facility Management of The Hague University with the Institute of Protocol The Hague. During six weeks the students will learn how to develop a relationship management strategy and how to translate this strategy into a meeting with the stakeholders. 

The minor also focusses a lot on ethics and behavioral science. 

Furthermore the minor includes a practical training at a fashion show, a visit to Europe’s capital Brussels, an etiquette dinner and a training in non-verbal communications.

The students will be trained among others by the former Master of Ceremonies of H.M. the Queen, the former protocol chief of the Prime-minister of the Netherlands and the founder of the Protocolbureau in The Hague.

Next year the minor will be given as postgraduate to professionals. Protocol officers, PA’s, communication specialists, account managers, event planners and others can then follow the courses of the three modules of the postgraduate. Courses will be given twice per week in the evening. 

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