Ushers Ewoud, Maarten and
Asa in front of the Palace

The Protocolbureau is sponsor of ‘Fonds Slachtofferhulp‘ (Victim Support Fund). The fund supports those whose homes have been broken into, those who have been involved in an accident, victims of human trafficking, the dependents of murder victims and victims of sexual abuse and victims of domestic violence.
Every year one out of every four people in the Netherlands is the victim of a crime. In addition to this, there are 720 road traffic fatalities, and another 100,000 people are injured in traffic accidents.

The guests were welcomed in the audience 
room (building in the middle).

The Dutch Victim Support Fund was set up in 1989 and embraces the philosophy that ‘If a member of society is harmed, it is only right that the same society should extend a helping hand.’ This philosophy has been translated into practical action by financing the provision of voluntary assistance throughout the Netherlands and offering victims emotional, practical and legal support.

Preparing the seating

One of the activities to raise money for the fund is the Winter Gala. The gala is being held in Palace ‘Het Loo’ every year. Companies are offered the opportunity to attend a black tie dinner with their business relations. Income for the fund is generated by selling the tables to the interested companies and by organising an auction and a lottery. 

The theme of this year’s gala was derived from the palace exhibition ‘Wilhelmina‘. Former Queen WIlhelmina died 50 years ago and lived until her death in Palace ‘Het Loo’. The exhibition showcases the live of the Queen in and around the palace.

Eight ushers and Santa Claus

On the occasion of this theme, the ushers of the Protocolbureau were dressed in white tie. The ushers provide support every year during the reception and seating of the 150 guests. The ushers also sell tickets for the lottery and assist during the aution. 

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