Kevin, Bart and Maurits are talking to Asa

Every six months we ask our clients and ‘Senior Partners’ to assess our ‘Junior Partners’ on work experience, communication skills and representativeness. These reviews are discussed during a meeting with our ‘Junior Partners’ at the Protocolbureau. The reviews are led by our ‘Dean’ Bart Lammers and the ‘Senior Partners’ Kevin Verbaas and Maurits Seidl.

Sam is working on the case

The ‘Junior Partners’ are also asked to make a case. The case is to test theoretical knowledge on protocol and relationship management and to test practical working experience. The ‘Junior Partners’ are presented a real event for which they have to write the itinerary or compose the seating plan. 

the programme: 10 ushers per evening

‘Junior Partners’ are students who work for the Protocolbureau at official events and ceremomies. At those events they are in charge of the registration, the coordination of (part of) the event, the welcoming procedures or the seating arrangements of the guests and dignitaries. Students start at the Protocolbureau as ‘Junior Partner-host’ and become ‘Junior Partner-usher’ after following a tailor made training programme and gaining sufficient working experience. Only the best ‘Junior Partners’ are awarded the title of ‘Senior Partner’. 

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