The ushers at work in Middelburg,
the Four Freedoms in 2010

Every six months the ushers of the Protocolbureau are reviewed by our clients on working experience, communication skills and representativeness. Colleagues are also asked to judge each other.

All this is discussed with the ushers during a meeting at the Protocolbureau lead by our dean Bart Lammers (on the photo below in the middle) and our Senior Partners Kevin Verbaas (on the left) and Maurits Seidl.

Upon arrival the ushers are given a business case: What are common dress codes? Who are the ten highest ranking dignitaries in the Netherlands? How to seat the guests at a concert, based upon a given guest list.
The business case as well as the reviews will then be discussed in the meeting with Bart, Kevin and Maurits. The meeting is also meant to decide on promotion and raise of salary. At the end the future is discussed.

Sam is working on the case

‘Ushers’ are students who work for the Protocolbureau at official events and ceremomies. At those events they are in charge of the registration, the coordination of (part of) the event, the welcoming procedures or the seating arrangements of the guests and dignitaries. Students start at the Protocolbureau as ‘Junior Partner-host’ and become ‘Junior Partner-usher’ after following a tailor made training programme and gaining sufficient working experience. Only the best ‘Junior Partners’ are awarded the title of ‘Senior Partner’. 

Kevin, Bart and Maurits

The Protocolbureau has been set up in 1995 by by students of the The Hague Hotel Management School. Their motive was the need to gain experience in hospitality up to the highest level by organizing lectures and working as usher at (business) meetings. The first lecture was delivered by the former Master of Ceremonies of Her Majesty the Queen, and the first assignment was to present the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Awards.

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