The end of the training: the certificate ceremony

The Institute of Protocol The Hague is the organizer of the Two Day Protocol Training in The Hague, four times per year in English and four times in DutchIn two days all the basics are covered during a training given by four teachers and one guest lecturer. 
Deze training in het Nederlands, klik hier
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Senior teacher is the former Master of Ceremonies, Gilbert Monod de Froideville. The training starts with his lecture about precedence and the applications of protocol (seating arrangement, flag protocol, greeting procedures, processions and receptions). On the second day he talks about ceremonies: Why are ceremonies important? What are applications of ceremonies (award ceremonies, ceremonial visits, presentations of credentials, anthems, etc.)?

Isabel Amaral, the number one protocol expert of Portugal and writer of several books about protocol and cross cultural managent, teaches international protocol: How are international events organized? What are the norms for international and state protocol meetings? The goals of this training is to develop intercultural awareness when organizing high level events. The second day her training also includes the presentation of a business case: How to deal with Chinese visitors?

The etiquette dinner

During a three course etiquette dinner the UK number one etiquette expert William Hanson teaches all essential and advanced dining etiquette. The aim of his lecture is to train sophistication and elegance when dining and interacting with other people.
The dinner takes place in one of the five star hotels in The Hague. 

Stage manager Rebecca van Leeuwen, director of one of the most famous theatre schools in the Netherlands, teaches personal presentations: How to make a good impression? How to present yourself? Her feedback is personal and makes you more aware of yourself. 
Her second training focuses on giving a speech. She teaches you to deliver a speech with dignity and confidence. 

The guest lecturer is the head of protocol of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Bengt-Arne Hulleman. He talks about the protocol at the court and how standardized the protocol in this international organization. 

The theory of the training, the presentations of the teachers can be found in a binder. Most lectures are interactive an present business cases, discussions and video material. The training is supervised by an educational expert and managed by an usher of the Protocolbureau. 

The training is held at the Protocolbureau in the city center of The Hague. The Protocolbureau is located at the Anna Paulownastraat, not far from the Peace Palace and the palace of H.M. the King. 
The training includes all class material, a framed certificate, all drinks, two lunches and an etiquette dinner. 

Deze training in het Nederlands, klik hier
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