The Protocol is dead. Long live the Protocol!

In 200 years from classical protocol to modern relationship management

The registration is closed for this seminar. Want to know more about protocol, follow the Two Day Protocol Training: click here.

The Prinsjesfestival protocol seminar in the Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal on Friday 12 September 2014 is ‘sold out‘. Over 170 protocol experts from the public as wel as the private en cultural sector will attend the 12th. Invitations to the seminar have been sent to those responsible for the relationship management and protocol. This seminar is by invitation only.  

The Prinsjesfestival is the organiser of the protocol seminar. The seminar is organised on the occasion of ‘200 years Kingdom of the Netherlands’ and the first Prinsjesdag, the opening of the Parliamentary Year, two hundred years ago. Basic protocol rules were agreed upon at the Vienna Conference. Those rules became part of the Vienna Treaty and are still adhered to today.
Our current hectic and informal society has created the need for a modernised version of protocol. The focus of modern protocol has changed from formality to functionality i.e. effectively managing relationships

The seminar will start with a lecture by historian Dr Edwina Hagen about the power of protocol in the early 19th century. This will be followed by a discussion about protocol with the Portuguese protocol expert Ambassador José de Bouza Serrano, EU-parliament Chief of Protocol François Brunagel, fashion designer Sjaak Hullekes, corporate protocol expert Alise Long and Olof van Winden of TodaysArt. Stefan Wijers will moderate and William Hanson is our master of ceremonies. 

Programme 12 September

The Power of Protocol: 
Politics, culture and diplomacy in the nineteenth century, by Dr Edwina Hagen, lecturer in cultural history of the early modern period at the VU University Amsterdam

The Protocol is dead. Long live the Protocol! 

A lively discussion with H.E. José de Bouza Serrano (ambassador of the Portuguese Republic), Mr François Brunagel (chief of protocol of the European Parliament), Ms Alise LongAdema (corporate events & meetings manager DSM), Mr Sjaak Hullekes (fashion designer) and Mr Olof van Winden (director and founder of TodaysArt) about the future of protocol:

  • When you wish protocol were dead: failures in protocol
  • Long live the Protocol: the Devil Wears Prada 
  • Modern protocol: the similarity between a Royal Wedding and a dance event, by the young protocol officers Mr Ruben Nederpel, Mr Jeroen Koks andMr Ivo van Vliet
  • Long live the Protocol: our vision to the future, by Mr Jean Paul Wyers

Discussion led by Mr Stefan Wijers. The UK etiquette expert William Hanson is master of ceremonies. 

The Prinsjesfestival protocol seminar is supported by the Staatsloterij, the Dutch House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal), the Institute of Protocol The Hague, Momice and the Genootschap voor Eventmanagers. The Prinsjesfestival protocol seminar is a prodcution of the organising committee: Jean Paul Wyers (chairman), Govert van Boxtel, Janna Groot, Leendert de Lange, Pieter Jan Mersie, Egmont Philips and Jaap van Berkel (secretary). 

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