Etiquette is useful, not affected!
The historian Reinildis van Ditzhuyzen, author of the standard books on Dutch etiquette and manners, including a version in English for expats -‘DutchDitz – Manners in the Netherlands‘ – has noted a big upturn in the interest shown in these subjects. In consequence, she makes frequent appearances on radio and television.

Reinildis has great experience of arranging presentations and workshops on etiquette and manners. Over the years she has given talks for countless banks, government ministries, organisations, schools and institutions.

She manages to convincingly demonstrate not only why a knowledge of etiquette and good manners is important, but also what rules are important. Her motto is ‘Etiquette is useful, not affected!’

Talk on etiquette and manners (also in Dutch, French and German)
Using a PowerPoint presentation containing recognisable and relevant images, Reinildis van Ditzhuyzen explains what is and is not acceptable and why. If necessary, she can explain Dutch manners to the foreign staff of international companies and foreign diplomats, particularly in cases where these manners might otherwise unintentionally create a bad impression. Naturally, every talk she gives is geared to the target group. And to lighten things up she sometimes includes an instructive etiquette quiz.

Reinildis van Ditzhuyzen