Reinildis van Ditzhuyzen

Reinildis van Ditzhuyzen attended the Arnhem gymnasium and subsequently studied history and languages ​​at the universities of Salzburg, Nijmegen, Vienna and Barcelona, ​​followed by postgraduate education at the College of Europe (Bruges 1973/4) and the Salzburg Global Seminar at Leopoldskron Castle (1977/8).

She has written 15 books since 1980 (in the field of cultural history). She is particularly well known as an expert on the monarchy, history of universities, and also on general etiquette. Several of her publications have been devoted to the Dutch Royal Family. Her book on etiquette has been published 14 times. Her Etiquette Calendar, with a daily question (and answer) on good manners, is extremely successful. In consequence, she makes frequent appearances on radio and television.