Protocolbureau offers a practical and academic training programme:

  1. An online training course on the theory of the protocol; Learn how to work with the methodology of the protocol.
  2. An offline Protocol Training in Brussels or The Hague to deepen your experience as a protocol officer; Three days of personal coaching in all the aspects of the modern protocol.
  3. An online training on the strategic aspects of the protocol: The relationship management programme of the Institute of Strategic Relationship Management (ISRM) trains you to become the relationship management expert of your organisation.
  4. An application of the relationship management programme in your own relationship management plan; Personal coaching by ISRM for the development of a new relationship management of your organisation.

These trainings are based upon more than 20 years of experience. In our training programmes we not only teach you the rules of protocol and etiquette, but also the application in several real-life business cases. We teach you protocol as a modern approach to manage strong relationships and networks.