William Hanson is widely regarded as the UK’s leading etiquette expert, and has taught British manners and civility all around the world, from China to Saudi Arabia, New York to Russia. He has worked for many leading VIPs, including British & foreign Royalty, international businesses & brands, as well as training regularly in some of Britain’s leading schools. At the Three-day Masterclass in Modern Protocol in Brussels, William Hanson teachers table manners and dress codes during a three-course etiquette dinner.

Mr. Hanson is the BBC’s go-to voice for matters of etiquette, protocol and courtesy and is the world’s only Guinness World Record holding etiquette consultant. He is author of the The Bluffer’s Guide to Etiquette, the best-selling ‘tongue in teacup’ look at how to behave like the English aristocracy and The Bluffer’s Guide to Entertaining, which gives pithy advice for hosts and hostesses. He writes a popular and waspish column for the world’s most-read news website, MailOnline, about matters of good taste and social behaviour.

William Hanson